Mawphlang Dam

dam2 In 1978, The Meghalaya Govt. sought for a place to construct the Dam for Supplying drinking water to Shillong Citywhen nearly went out in Vain until the Mawphlang People help to sought it out by giving the Govt. enough land free of cost measuring not less than 1000 acres, to construct the Dam and its infrastructures through Public Health Engineering, Under Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme.

dam1 The 50 metres ( 165 ft) high dam constructed in the year 1997 and was fully commissioned in the year 2003. Here we will find the Highest intake station in India, that draws out water from the River Dam. On the 22nd September, 2008 Smt. Pratibha DevisingPatil Her Excellency, President of India has come to inaugurate a Foundation stone of a 163 crore project under JNNURM, to continue with the 3rd Phase of Mawphlang Dam for supplying Drinking water to New Shillong.