David Scott Trail

Mawphlang is known for the  bridle path that connects Nongkhlaw and Sohra in Meghalaya and Guahati and Sylhet  i.e, Assam & Bangladesh, popularly known as David’s Scott Trail. It was constructed during the time of David Scott, a political Officer of the British during the Anglo – Khasi war in 1823 to connect Guahati and Sylhet, using the Assamese, Khasi and many other Indian communities who were under the rule of the British.

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The length from Mawphlang to Lad-Mawphlang is about 14 kms, which is the ideal place for trekking, since the path was used by the British on horse back when they passed from Mawphlang I.B. to Cherrapunjee. This same path is being use by the people as the main way from Sohra to Mawphlang and vise versa when they go to Market.

This has become one of the best trails which many VIP, Dignitaries, Clubs, School, College and University going Student use to trekked. If categorized, this trail falls in the Medium Trek class, because 12 year old healthy boys or girls and healthy adults up to 60 years can easily reach the destination. The air force and the military use to trek almost all the year round by taking guides and helpers from Mawphlang. The tourists coming  just for trekking also are innumerable. Even those who comes from Lad-Mawphlang to Mawphlang, we used to arrange Guides from Mawphlang itself. This trail can be introduced with people on horse back also as they used to do during the British time. This trail may be regarded as heritage site.


bikeWhen we walk just 5 minutes from the Village road we reached the first destination a resting place called ‘KA KOR KA SHONMAI’,  named after a daughter of Dorsing Lyngdoh, the 1st Lyngdoh with the British Sanad.  Then we follow the path winding down  for another 1.5 km to Mawsahep, where we can find a Tomb erected in memory of a Child fondly called Camilla year 1843. We follow a winding but interesting trail over looking Umiam River, Simpanghang Falls and part of Mawphlang Dam, it went winding down about 3 km to River Umiam Mawphlang after crossing LyngkienWar Stream (bridge broken 70 year back ),  then straight away  crossing a Hanging Bridge (Washed away by Flashed Flood on the 8th September, 2007 ). We have to follow on the Trail we find a lowland Known as Wahtham about 1 kms in length, then we climb the winding path about 3 Kms to reach Step Lakrai and Laitsohma Village ( Where Khmah Nongsai resides before coming to Mawphlang) situated uphill. From Lait sohma we follow a plain land of about 3 Kms to reach very beautiful Scenery of  Phud Um Ja-Ut, Mawnguid- Briew and an Arc Bridge, the elephant hill, The Crocodile sitting on the rock,The Mansion on a rock, Then about 2 Kms, we reach another resting place called KOR PARKTI 3 kms from the main road at Lad Mawphlang, then down we go to reach Mawiong River then Climb up to reach Sohra Main road in Lad-Mawphlang.( These Resting Place the Khasi Constructed in the Out-Skirt of every village along the main long journey pathway, here they wait their friends coming from long journey /Market/Cultivation/Hunting/Fishing etc. if some one is missing they have to send someone to the Village to send more people with torch to find out the missing person and many more.)  The time taken to finish the trek may varies from 3 hours to 5 hours, depending on how we are trekking.

The other part of the Trail with 6 kms in length from Mawphlang to Rangshken (from Mawphlang towards the West if we go further we will reach  Hima Khadsawphra  Nongkhlaw) is also in good condition those who have interest in short trek can go through, along the trek we will find Resting places, Arc-bridge, fallow lands and green pastures where cattle were graze. Just about 2 kms from Mawphlang near the trail The Martin Luther Christian University will Establish the University in short time to come. This trail connect the Shillong – Balat Road and Shillong – Nongstion Road, in the olden times people from Mawphlang go through this Road to Mairang, Nongspung and even up to Nongstion and vise versa.